A Game That Teaches Software Projects

...for companies and educational institutions that care.

Are your software projects broken?

Try the game!

Put out your fires. Once and for all.

Missed deadlines?
Low quality results?
Communication hiccups? 
Generally, hair on fire?

In the game you will:
Compete for and win projects
Assign the right people to projects
Develop your staff
React to conflicts and mitigate risks
Invest in tooling and methods
...do what it takes to become the best software project manager!

  • Helps to recognize anti-patterns and misconceptions
  • Helps to recognize anti-patterns and misconceptions
  • Helps to recognize anti-patterns and misconceptions
  • Makes business and tech people work together
  • Makes participants aware of pitfalls and dynamics of software projects.

How does it work?

The players will be confronted with story elements that introduce the rules of the game and challenge them to efficiently manage the delivery of software projects. With better skills, new levels are unlocked that will test the players' judgement and management capabilities.

When all participants are comfortable with the mechanics of the game, a new game mode is unlocked: Multiplayer. Yes, you read that right. ThatSoftwareGame has a full-fledged multiplayer mode that allows you to compete or cooperate with other players. - You can snatch away vital projects from the competition or coordinate with others to engage in the bidding process for mega-projects.

In the end,

No time to read the classics?

Learn well-known project patterns and rules in a fun and interactive simulation.

Cooperate & compete.

Partner up with other players to get the most challenging projects done. But make sure to choose a reliable partner...

Simulated projects.
Actual fun.

Cause-and-effect all the way: Skills. Motivation. Productivity. It even simulates sick days for the most realistic project experience!

Measurable learning.

Learning progress is tracked automatically when players adopt new behaviors.

Why play?

Why you should play the game:

  • It's based on findings of a 5-year 318-page PhD thesis which synthezises the empirical data of 1000+ projects.
  • Its' educational approach has been peer-reviewed and published in scientific journals.
  • An incredible amount of interdisciplinary development effort went into creating and tweaking every aspect of this unique learning experience.
  • Independent researchers confirmed an up to 60% increased learning effect with university students compared to traditional methods.
Wanna play?
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